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The Diplomatic Corps

As a member of the foreign diplomatic corps, you represent the very best of your country.  At Christian Embassy we believe you hold an esteemed position not only in your home country, but also in ours.  We want to serve you well while you are representing your country in the United States. 

We are a Christian organization interested in serving and working with people of all religious backgrounds.  We focus our work within the diplomatic corps on helping ambassadors and their spouses, and diplomats and their spouses, transition to their new lives in Washington, D.C.  We also want to help diplomatic staff obtain resources and create relationships needed to more effectively do their job and live life with a lasting mission.

    • New Ambassador Courtesy Calls
      When a new ambassador arrives in Washington, D.C. we would like to schedule a courtesy call to introduce ourselves and explain what Christian Embassy can offer by way of practical and spiritual resources.

    • Seminars
      We hold periodic seminars to help ambassadors and their staff with both the practical aspects of their job and life in Washington, D.C. and the spiritual issues that we all grapple with in our personal lives.
    • Small Groups
      We offer small groups where ambassadors and their spouses, other diplomats and military attaches and their spouses can pull back from a fast-paced life to examine what they believe and what that means for their life’s work.
    • Dinner Engagements
      Washington, D.C. is home to more than 170 foreign embassies.  We hold periodical special dinner engagements to help ambassadors, their spouses and staff network with other city, congressional and diplomatic officials and to encourage them in their personal and professional lives.


To learn more about what we offer for members of the diplomatic community contact Lee Bennett at 703-525-1770,  or by email.