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The Hill

Hearings.  Caucuses.  Late night votes and legislative deadlines.  Capitol Hill is a fast-paced world.  Working on the Hill can consume your time, energy and attention.  We are a team of people who want to help provide you with the resources and relationships you need to get your job done and to maintain a vibrant personal life at the same time.  We want to help you discover a healthy balance between the demanding pace of congressional life with opportunities for personal growth and reflection. 

Let us help you integrate what you do on the Hill with who you are at home.  We offer practical and spiritual resources to help enrich the lives of Members and congressional staff, including:

    • Lunch and Dinner Engagements
      Working on the Hill means long hours and many requests for help.  Wouldn’t it be nice to go to a dinner engagement where you are simply an honored guest?  Our special dinner events are a time and place to relax, enjoy a delicious meal and hear an encouraging and challenging message from a nationally-known speaker.

    • Small Groups
      Our small groups are safe, inviting places where people get together on a weekly basis to talk, laugh and learn from one another about how to live out personal beliefs in the workplace.  These groups are open to all people, regardless of your spiritual background or where you are on your life journey.  We have 12 separate small groups for Members of Congress and congressional staffers. 

To learn more about what we offer for Members and their staff contact Bobby Little at 703-525-1770, ext. 101 or by email.